“Bark beetle damage? The best way to manage these pests is preventative. Keep you land groomed for fire protection. If you take down diseased trees, cover or burn that wood to prevent re-infestation!”











“I believe holding tanks should be standard issue for all well systems. How do you support your well system?”











“Ever tested your water for heavy metals?”








“Have an old electrical panel? How solid are your main breakers? Don’t let an out of water event drive your maintenance schedule.”











“This winter’s precipitation ease your mind? Water storage, in holding tanks and in the ground beneath your feet, will provide the real peace of mind.”

Staying in Touch

Hi! With holidays upon us, the dog days of summer seemed so long ago. I hope you and yours had a chance for some fun under the sun! I had a fabulous summer and a super busy fall! I managed to go camping with my horse and even swim in the Yuba:). My novice goat milking skills are improving. This comment came from one of my taste testers “That is THEE creamiest goat cheese ever!” Aww shucks- I have to give that credit to my goat Flora- and her organic, grain free diet. (Grain free increases Omega 3 fats.)

This year, even with our wealth of rains, word from local homeowners is that wells are hiccuping or running dry 30-45 days earlier. I can’t stress enough how important it is to ‘baby’ your well system. Too often I hear how amazingly strong one’s well recently performed only to be followed by “so we watered a bunch of trees the next day- and ran the well dry.” This is not just an out of water event. It is an excavation of available water made worse by the level of sediment pulled into your pump and pipes. Running your well into drawdown mode is risky behavior! I have pulled pumps entirely encrusted with sediment.

Nevada County is on the map as the county in California with the highest number of deepened and newly drilled wells! Please allow your well time to regenerate after a ‘strong’ performance event. We always have several months of little to no precipitation. Call or text me for a Well-ness consultation. I will inspect your well system components for wear and tear and address any glaring issues. 530-210-9508.

California’s drought impacts each of us in unique ways. At the state government level, concerns for well-dependent communities (like Nevada County), resulted in all well reports becoming public information. Start discussing well performance in your neighborhood. Local water truck businesses are so busy they could offer 401K’s!

Now is the time to prepare to receive what rains come our way. Add chip or mulch to bare spots on your land. Plan to redirect any run-off to areas of infiltration. I can help you identify these spots. Land management is paramount to groundwater retention.


Call or Text to arrange a Well-ness Check.



Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!


What’s New?

United States Geological Survey (USGS)

I am so proud to announce! The USGS and I are collaborating to publish my research! I have a writing plan and expect to have a submission ready copy this spring. This is super news for our local region- to have a world class groundwater study in our back yard. Whoot!

Pump Sizing

Drilling new or drilling deeper? Replacing an old pump? Is your pump appropriately sized? Consult with us! Remember our wells are recharged early to mid-spring- if we have precipitation. Pumps that start up stronger than the rated well performance (10gpm vs. 7gpm) appear to be the norm. Perhaps the well with a 25gpm pump for a 12gpm flow rate was accurate at one time. What to do now? Can’t afford to replace your pump!? Simple solutions exist! 530-210-9508

Water Quality

Heavy metal concentrations in your well water? Please don’t bathe in this water. Or offer it to your dog. Did you know your livestock will drink more water if they like it? When livestock drink more, they gain weight, produce more eggs, and are generally healthier. All About Wells can help you dial in your water quality. Special tips of the trade for low producing wells. Contact us sooner than later!

Equipment Corrosion and Failure

Twice in the last few months I ran into electrical issues wreaking havoc with well system operations. One was a fire waiting to happen. The other caused an out of water event! Is your well system equipment weather proofed? Maybe your well has an overhang that ‘protects’ your system from the elements. Even if your sprinklers don’t douse your well head every other rotation, extreme temperatures cause condensation which, in turn, cause corrosion. Protect your water supply and your well system! Build an equipment shed for your well! After, of course, you have replaced your faulty equipment.

California’s Drought

It will take a village to preserve our hydrologic cycle. Best management practices (BMPs) encourage groundwater retention and are the backbone of current watershed regulations. Dams contribute to our current groundwater deficit, locally and regionally! Dams disrupt groundwater connectivity. Even relatively small creek dams should be dismantled to preserve local groundwater retention. Do your part as an earth steward. Invite water to stay!

Have an ‘extra’ well? Perhaps one that went ‘dry’? Could this well provide a bit of irrigation water? I offer pump tests and draw down tests to determine the strength of your well’s performance. Mention this Newsletter for a $40 discount.

Sustainable Food and Farm Conference 2017

Last year I spoke to a packed house. The fire marshal actually stopped letting people into my session! This year promises to be equally dynamic. I hope to see you there! Check out the lineup: http://www.foodandfarmconference.com/