“Concerned about your available water? Or about recent CA Water Board regulations? All About Wells can assist with your land management to improve ground water retention.”










“Want to monitor your holding tank levels? Solar tank monitors are available!”




















“Can you invite water to stay?”

















“Do you operate in drawdown mode?”


















“Hard to believe?-

Some scientists believe our choked forest squander more potential groundwater than pot farmers!”











Staying in Touch

Well, if last year sprouted wings, 2016 must be turbo charged! Hard to believe Spring is here, even harder to believe it’s been raining! My holidays were fabulous- spent with old friends. I started the year off with a bang. I presented to a packed house at our local Sustainable Food and Farm Conference. “Truly the best break out session of the conference,” was one of many compliments. Thank you! I learned a lot from other conference speakers too! See more in What’s New?


How is your well system operating? I discovered an uptick in well plumbing choked with sediment, and as a result, an increase in failing pressure tanks and leaky check valves. Take a field trip to your pump house. I am offering a $25 virtual coupon through March 2016 on my Well-ness Check services. I investigate well system equipment for wear and tear. I prevent part failure where I can! Call for an appointment.


Like the rest of us, I am hopeful we gain and retain a snowpack. Now is the time to slow that run-off down and encourage infiltration. I can show you if you have questions regarding how-to.


Recently I was invited to help citizens of western Humboldt County with drying up of local springs and creeks, current water board regulations, drawdown issues, and siting of new wells. In my years of business, I’ve learned our system operations and demands can exacerbate well performance. This principle is key to conditions of drawdown and recharge. I offer free presentations tailored to your audience.




Dial in your well operations!


Your well is a daily driver. Ensure your well equipment is in good shape. How about your water quality system? Does your filter need changing? Your water quality deserves your TLC. Send a sample to the lab at least once. Need help interpreting results, or designing and installing a water quality system? Maybe your current system is confusing? Give me a call.


What if you knew how much water you had before your pump turned on? Capture real time information and create a profile of your well’s performance! Depth to water measurements help you get to know your well! Take advantage of All About Wells’ depth to water services- three depth checks over the course of one year! Mention this Newsletter for a $60 discount.


What’s New?

California’s Drought and Local Watersheds

Our state’s extended drought has entire communities running out of water. Stewardship is in our best interest. Best management practices (BMP) can encourage groundwater production and are the backbone of the new watershed regulations.


We might as well be in front of the eight ball. Here is our Central Regional Water Quality Control Board’s BMP link- http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/centralvalley/board_decisions/adopted_orders/general_orders/r5-2015-0113.pdf


Forest Pruning for Fire Safety and Groundwater Retention

There is little time in the year to thin your parcel to 30-40 trees per acre before it’s too warm. Maintain diversity- in species and in canopy height. Consider how fast certain species grow. Identify unhealthy trees. Leave snags and healthy trees.


Holding Tanks

Holding tanks are more than just an efficient way to store groundwater. Strong well or moderate well- the pump benefits from less frequent, longer runs. Holding tank storage in the event of frozen pipes or an out of water event is part of supporting your well operations.


Already have a holding tank, but your well is struggling to keep it full? Fine tuning well operations may be the difference between a sustainable well and a dry well. I can help reduce potential drawdown conditions.


Rural Community Assistance Corporation

Is your well low producing? Do you need a holding tank? The RCAC makes water holding tank loans available.



Sustainable Food and Farm Conference 2016

Paul Stamets, a mycologist, shared a few ecological gems. Bees use fungi mycelium to boost their immune system. Bees also feed off yeasts and molds that grow in undisturbed forest duff. Tumbling Creek Farms shared how the use of native wood chips contributes to mushroom, mold, and yeast cultivation!


Turns out that both a healthy forest floor and wood chips on bare ground encourage groundwater retention! I love it when independent discussions of environmental health point to ecological balance. Hope to see you at the conference in 2017.


Spring is here! Get your pruning done. Chip up the last of your chainsaw work. Mulch your bare spots. Have a beer by the barbeque after a satisfying day working on your land.

P.S. Thanks for the rain dances:)