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Residential Well Classes: Community and Stakeholder Education

Spring 2017 Classes:     October April 1 and 22

Residential Wells I

     Do you live with a well? Would you like to know how your well operates? Expect to gain a working knowledge of your well. Learn how your well operates from the pump in the ground to the equipment in your pump house. Discover what you need  to know about pump motors, pressure switches, pressure tanks, and holding tanks. Learn how your well functions, how to better protect your resource, and how your well may receive its water.


Residential Wells II (requested by RWI class participants)

     Gain a deeper understanding of your local watershed and your well report in relation to your local geology. Each well has its own temperament that could fluctuate seasonally. Learn to work with your well’s performance and how land management can improve groundwater retention. Bring your well log or know your township and range. Local water quality and related geochemistry included.