“Using bleach to disinfect your well? Current industry standards suggest otherwise.”










“To reduce beetle infestations, prune your Oak and Pine trees during freezing temperatures.”









“Have dark staining in your sinks or toilet?

A whole house filtration system will protect your pipes from sedimentation!”














“Wish your water tasted better? Arrange a free Well-ness Check where All About Wells investigates your well system for potential problems.”










“Go native! Native vegetation doesn’t need watering. Train other vegetation to do with less water.”

Staying in Touch

Hi! I sure hope you enjoyed your holidays. I visited with family and friends, and ate good food. I had my share of junk food, too! I even managed to ride my horse after the storms broke. I was seriously happy about my new gloves…as I rode on some crispy cold days!

Well, here’s some Super News!

All About Wells received a $10,000 grant!

My itemized list of equipment is designed with you in mind and will be in place this spring. Look forward to improved services such as depth to water measurements with a sounder, smart technology to monitor your well system, and expanded pump repair services with a new winch bumper and tri-pod pipe jack.

Amidst the holiday festivities, I’ve been building my business to better serve you. I recently attended the National Groundwater Association’s Annual Conference. See ‘What’s New?‘ for the scoop on new products and protocols.

2015 is going to be a dynamic year in the groundwater world. California just passed its first groundwater legislation that aims to implement sustainable groundwater management by 2025! Here in Nevada County, CA, we will be able to avoid meters on our wells for the near future. All About Wells is here to help farmers with sustainable groundwater management, groundwater monitoring, and land management planning.

We look forward to serving your well system, measuring your groundwater levels, or offering free well system presentations to your organization. Visit invitewatertostay.com for updates.


What’s New?

All About Wells wants to assist you in managing your groundwater. Your well water is a valuable asset to your home. Creating a performance history of your well operations is paramount to understanding how to operate your well system in times of plenty and in times drought.

One of the exciting products at the NGWA conference was a smart technology device installed on top of your wellhead that measures depth to water continuously. This data is displayed in graph form in your home and is accessible remotely. Due March 2015, this device is installation and price friendly. Be one of the first 10 to sign up and receive a 5% discount.


What’s New?, continued

Another useful well system product is a solar pump, with AC options, that works with low producing deep wells. This pump has the unique capability to remotely change the rate of pumping up to 30% of the pump’s capacity! For example, it’s late in August, and your 10gpm well begins to falter. With this pump you could adjust your pump rate to 3gpm using a remote control!! This pump could save your well, especially if used in combination with the smart technology mentioned earlier.


All About Wells’ methods are cutting edge. I personally steer away from disinfectants for my well system. Of course, I always bleach wells at the request of the home owner. However, the message at the National Groundwater Conference this December from industry experts in 80% of the sessions I attended was common bleach does not eliminate current or potential harmful bacteria populations! The bacteria colonies targeted by the bleach are hidden behind a ‘biofilm’. Products available to treat bacteria contamination target specific lab results. Now that’s strong science!


My attendance at the Sustainable Food and Farm Conference early January 2015 was inspiring. Look forward to a discussion on aquaponics, dry farming, native seed collection, and compost toilets in the Spring newsletter.


Current Residential Wells classes are offered this Feb.28 and Mar.21, from 10-1pm at Sierra Commons, 792A Searls Ave, Nevada City, CA. Pre-register for both classes and receive a $10 discount. Classes are $55 each. You are always welcome to email me with specific questions regarding your well system or your water quality, residentialwells@gmail.com.


Have fun with your family outdoors this winter.

Try a winter barbeque!