“Was your well water tested for heavy metals when you purchased your home?”









“What can you do to reduce your water footprint?”








“Now is the time to search for and repair outdoor water leaks.”



















“Wondering about your water level throughout the year? All About Wells now has the ability to measure depth to water and total well depth!”











“You can reduce groundwater use with a zero waste RO system.”




Staying in Touch

Hello out there in well land! I think we managed to barbeque once during our short ‘winter’! Our weather patterns definitely have a life of their own. I’ve decided California has three distinct seasons- Sprinter, Summer, and Fall, each easily described by a single month- Juluary, Marune, and Augustember.


On a serious note, our drought may stay a while. Reducing landscaping excess is an obvious step, but what about leaky rainbirds, faucets, and toilets? Identify your water demands. Address necessary repairs. Reduce use. Give your well a rest. Increase the time in between water demands. Best management practices are imperative in operating your well system. Let’s work together to improve potential groundwater production. Arrange a consultation today.


I recommend installing timers on outdoor hoses or anywhere you may inadvertently leave water running. Consider a grey water system. You may need to install a holding tank system (All About Wells), or have water delivered (H2O To Go) while you tailor your lifestyle to your well’s performance levels. Living with your well requires due diligence.


All About Wells can help!

My depth to water and well depth meter has arrived! I now offer depth to water and total well depth measurements. I recommend methods to support your low-producing well and assist with installation of a pump saver. In the event your pump needs replacing, I will use a new winch and tri-pod pipe vise. In an out of water situation, protect your pump!


Recent work with my customers’ NID-fed irrigation system encouraged me to see how I could help. I understand clogging issues frequently wreak havoc! Disc filters are preferred, 80 mesh upstream; 120 mesh prior to each drip configuration. If possible, install a holding tank system to assist with settling of debris.


All About Wells recently expanded services include measuring depth to water, irrigation, pond, and well house plumbing, and additional electrical services. Allow me to introduce my new team member, Scott Crain. He has 5 years local plumbing and electrical experience. Scott is an incredible addition. Welcome Scott! - and- Thanks to Jeff McEvoy of McEvoy Electric for working with All About Wells.


I welcome specific questions regarding your well system or your water quality. residentialwells@gmail.com


What’s News?

Alternatives to roadside Round-up?

Encourage Nevada county to eliminate unnecessary pesticides in our watershed! Call Nevada County, 530-265-1411, for a free “Do Not Spray” sign. Horticultural vinegar is a viable alternative.


CA Groundwater Monitoring- Between 2003- 2010, CA’s groundwater withdraws equaled the quantity of Lake Mead! Yet, bottled water companies in CA aren’t subject to mandatory conservation measures! What you can do to reduce your bottled water use? Ask me about Zero-waste RO systems.


Groundwater Monitoring for your Home- Aquifer storage and recovery are vital to your well’s performance. Enoscientific’s Well Watch 660 is user friendly Or look into Wellntel.com Once Wellntel hits the market, I will offer a discount. New product arrival date, June 2015. (It’s here!!)


Aquaponics- A combination of fish farming and nutrient recycling to grow vegetable crops, water friendly but energy intensive. A small scale seasonal system using solar pumps may be the way to go. Peace Valley Farms has detailed information.


Dry Farming- Certain crops do best (tomatoes, tubers, squash, melons, garlic). The yield is less than half that of irrigated crops, but the water savings is invaluable and the produce coveted by chefs. http://modernfarmer.com/2014/07/well-runs-dry-try-dry-farming/


Native Seed Collection- Rowen White, co-founder of Sierra Seed Cooperative offers local, organic seeds that thrive in the Sierra Mountain foothills. Join their seed CSA to plant, grow, and promote local flora. www.sierraseeds.org


Compost Toilets- Flush toilets require ~25% of household water! From the 1881 “self-acting earth closet” to the 1939 Clivus Multrum originally designed by Swedish teacher, Rikard Lindström, to the modern Sun-Mar compost toilets are a valuable asset. Kudos to Sonoma County for evaluating this technology in the modern home!


Stay in touch with your local watershed. Check my FB page for updates including alternatives to Trap and Haul with South Yuba River Citizens League, the local Parker Dam proposal, and mercury in our rivers. https://www.facebook.com/residentialwells


Look forward to updates on well system products and bee friendly information in the next newsletter.


Enjoy your summertime! Take a hike. Have a picnic. Find a few peaceful moments by the river. And remember- do a few rain dances!